It’s not much, just a sleek body movement punctuated with feline tail swish. Yet, it is convincing enough proof for many to say wild cougars exist in Ontario.

A video captured from Chris Wenz’s trail cam on Manitoulin Island (specifically Gordon Township) was submitted to the Manitoulin Expositor earlier in July.

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Mountain Lion | Photo: Public Domain Wikipedia

The Expositor reports that the Wenz cougar video was viewed by wild cougar experts: Dr. Rick Rosatte (Senior Research Scientist at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources) and Stuart Kenn (former president of the Ontario Puma Association). Both sources are confident that the body shape and tail captured in the video (watch below) were that of a cougar. To read the full article on the Manitoulin Expositor – follow this link.

The trail cam video below is used with permission from the Manitoulin Expositor. To catch a glimpse of the cougar – watch the left hand portion of the video frame.