It’s been quite some time since Jack has pulled out his dad’s ice fishing gear. 42 years ago, on a late March day, his father’s close friend, Bunny Tillson, went ice fishing on his own, on Great Pond in Belgrade Lakes. That afternoon he tried to come back home by snowmobiling between Baxter Point and Hoyt’s Island. He never made it. The following day, Jack’s dad, his friends and likely a game warden or two, pulled Bunny from the lake and brought him home for the last time.

Jack did not realize until he took out his dad’s old “Sunday Box” this week that enclosed in the wooden box still lie some of Bunny’s old traps. They have been waiting a very long time to get back into the water.

After using an axe to create 4 holes in the ice, Jack waited patiently for a number of hours enjoying the beauty and solitude alone on Long Pond. After I arrived we roamed the sunlit island and other neighboring camps and as I continued on, he headed back across the ice to readjust his traps. Just after approaching the middle trap, the one and only flag went up and as he pulled the large pike from the ice, the line snapped. He grabbed the fish and I could hear him yelling my name in excitement across the sheer ice.

Today, he did something he loves not in solitude, but with the memories of all Bunny, his dad, his mom, aunts & uncles, cousins, and grandparents taught him as Maine guides and lovers of the Great Outdoors. His heart is full of gratitude for their love, the many lessons they passed along and the opportunity to enjoy God’s beautiful Creation. Memories he so greatly cherishes and now passes on to his own two girls.

Written by: A guest blog post by Jack and Stephanie Day. They love enjoying the Maine outdoors as a couple and with their family of two girls.