Speaking without thinking got me into some trouble this several years ago. The story is short, but I still get a ‘kick’ out of it when I reflect on the incident from time to time.

It all started (innocently, I should add) when dad and I were taking our deer to the butcher. When we walked into the front section of his ‘processing’ facility, I noticed some large deer heads mounted to the wall. I pointed at the biggest deer and asked where that one was shot. To my amazement, the butcher/hunter said he got it here on his farm. His farm was only a very short distance from my home.

While the butcher told me the rest of the story, a small little dog ran between my ankles and on to the lap of a sitting women. I took a quick look down at the brief distraction at my feet and then, returned my attention to the final moments of the butcher’s deer story. He finished by saying,

“…and there is another one just like him running around your house.”

At that point, the lady on the chair said,

“His name is Thor.”

I thought to myself that is a great name for a monster buck. I immediately began to think of ways that I might be able to catch-up with Thor during the final weeks of the current deer hunt.

Then, the lady said,

“If you happen to see Thor running out by your place…”

I finished her statement by saying,

“I’ll be sure to fire a ‘volley’ at him if it’s still hunting season!”

The lady was taken back by what I had just said as she cuddled her little dog closer to her chest. The dog barked, wagged his tail and ran off out the door. Fortunately, she laughed and smiled at me as she yelled to her dog,

“Don’t go too far Thor.”

*Photo Used With Permission: David McDougall