April showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring a season that most anglers dream of — large easy to catch lake trout.  As river and creek mouths are opening, shorelines are softening, and the ice is just beginning to melt change is in the air.

As the influx of rain and spring runoff slightly elevate water temperature, baitfish, like smelt and suckers, begin to shift location from their winter haunts and move to river and creek mouths where they stage up awaiting the spring spawn.  Like all predators, lake trout follow the baitfish in anticipation of a feeding frenzy.

As April and May roll along the fishing conditions change weekly.  Just before ice out lakers stage around river mouths and as warmer waters push the baitfish up rivers to spawn the lake trout follow.  In larger rivers this migration can be followed up stream to the nearest waterfall or dam which cannot be traversed by either lake trout or baitfish.  Here is where prime fishing can be found if the timing is perfect.

The artillery of choice depends greatly on the terrain you’re fishing.  For wide rivers where you want to fish the upper water column I’d suggest a heavy casting spoons, such as the Acme Little Cleo, as they can be rifled a long distance and produce a good flash.  Where fishing is restricted to small rocky pools at the base of waterfalls and dams a 4 inch Mister Twister Tail on a jig head just heavy enough to keep from getting snagged off bottom.  Remember to match colour to the baitfish, which where smelt run equates to silver and blue spoons or white plastics.

Remember these simple rules and hang on tight.  You’re sure to catch a big one.

Tight Lines

Dr Dave