We all know them. We all follow them. Some of us better than others! Fish camps or hunt camps – there are some strong parallels between the two.

It is that time of year where hunt camps are opened and the hunting hopefuls return. Camp life is what builds comraderie and trust between camp members and, in most cases, it is what becomes the highlight of hunting and fishing trips/adventures.

Any interesting rules in your camp (official or unofficial)? Some that stand out, in my mind, from my camp:

  • You can’t shoot anything from the bunk
  • Dishes are not a spectator sport
  • The outdoor wood pile is like a savings account…put back what you take out.
  • Don’t leave your watch until the appointed time
  • KNOW what is between you and your fellow hunters
  • Net your buddy’s fish with the utmost effort because you will soon be counting on him
  • You’ll never have enough good equipment
  • Bottom bunkers must sign a “No eating Chilli” clause
  • The adventure means more than the catch or kill

Share some of your Camp’s rules with us by commenting below.