Some hunting utility knives include multiple attachments for theoretical applications but they function poorly in demanding circumstances. The creators of the SOG Blade Light developed two functions (a quality hunting blade and a bright LED flashlight) and combined them into a unique, high-quality hunting tool.

I could tell when I opened the SOG packaging and handled the Light Blade that it was not like one of the many hunting knives that are forgotten in the bottom of my gun cabinet.

The blade opened smoothly – with minimal effort. It locked convincingly in place to provide confidence in the cutting task ‘at hand’. The blade was easily sharpened to my liking.

I was skeptical of the effectiveness of the 6 LED lights incorporated in to the GRN (glass reinforced nylon) handle. The 34 – 37 lumens of light that the 3 AAA batteries throw out are very illuminating. The light has a big punch and you will find your way from your tree stand, to the outhouse, or early evening blood trail.

The light’s switch (located on the back of the handle) and circuitry are IPX-7 rated for water resistance and immersion. Occasionally, I found that the light switch would not stay engaged if I did not press hard enough. This got better the more I used it.

During an entire week at at deer camp, this knife never left my side. It was useful and practical for many camp situations. I left my bulky flashlight at home with the other hunting knives I will never use again.

The SOG Blade Light changes everything. It is durable and travels easy in the supplied sheath. Consider buying a SOG Blade Light for your 2014 hunting adventures.