The next fishing tool that is worthy of a spot in your tackle box is the Columbia Trail Drier Wind Breaker Jacket.

Columbia’s lightweight, rain-resistant jacket is not out of place on my fishing boat. In fact, I might even argue it was made with boat fishing in mind.

Whether you fish from the the bow or the stern, marine conditions usually consist of instances of wind and lake spray. Mid-day, these are not usually issues but on cool, early mornings (and late evenings) this jacket reduces the wind effects and repels lake spray (Omni-Shield Technology) that can potentially leave the angler with a chill during crucial fishing opportunities.

When in direct sunlight, the jacket’s Omni-Wick EVAP technology helped reduce the amount sweat away next to my skin and not allow it to sit just under the fabric’s surface. It is a technology that was lacking on the wind breakers of the past.

In good weather (seasonal summer and late spring temperatures), I have been packing only a long sleeve shirt and the Trail Drier jacket for my fishing outings. The jacket is so compact, I can put it in my tackle box pocket until I need it. It will easily find room in a back pack as well.

The Columbia Trail Drier Wind Breaker Jacket is comfortable, looks great and feels like you don’t even have a jacket on – if you can overlook the bright colour of the jacket and trim. So far, it has weathered a tackle box pocket, fish slime, spilled coffee and back climbing kids.

This jacket is not water proof. When used by itself – I found no need to use the tight fitting hood. I suspect if you were coupling the wind breaker with another waterproof jacket, the hood would be used. Although it resists the water and wind that can lead to your body becoming chilled, this jacket (by itself) will not keep you warm in cooler temperatures (below 12 C). If you think it make get cooler than you like, pack a fleece or sweatshirt.

Consider making this lightweight and functional jacket part of your regular fishing gear selection.

Mine is.