He is not the biggest buck out there, but he is the biggest buck our game cams captured after deer season this year. I can’t help but think that other readers (and hunters) are getting photos of the bucks they could have harvested this year. It would be great to see the deer that escaped your best laid plans at your hunt camp. Consider emailing a photo to me, to post on Muskoka Outdoors, or post to your favourite social media site with the hashtag #buckmostwanted. I look forward to hearing how the buck, or doe, escaped your sights.

I was fortunate to harvest a buck this year (photo below). It’s a team effort at the camp when a deer is killed. I am very appreciative of the crew that shared this experience with me. This abolishes a 3 year “no deer” streak for me since my last big buck encounter. You can read about that deer here.

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The buck that did not get away! Photo: Howie