Friend to Muskoka Outdoors, Barb, hooked in to fantastic barracuda while on a recent vacation to Cuba.

Barb had this to say about the photo above:

– I caught him using a 5 inch shiny spoon and a spinning rod. I was enjoying playing with the lure, making it come to life at the end of my line, darting a spinning a bit.

It happened in a flurry of activity, but I managed to set the hook and catch my breath before wrestling him to the edge of the paddle boat I was fishing from with some on the spot coaching from an experienced fisherman.

He jumped twice while I was reeling him in and I felt like I was starring in a youtube video for a few minutes. I was warned that ocean fish are strong and fast, I don’t have a lot of experience (still learning the difference between how a strike feels compared to a snag on the bottom) but this barracuda felt strong and fast to me.

I also caught a Red Snapper in a mangrove channel casting as close as I could to the roots of the mangroves at the waters edge, using a little surface popper.

It was exciting to win against a few fish who accepted my invitation to play, as clumsy as I was. –

Nice work Barb! How about an invite next time?