The action under the water’s surface is often taken for granted once the fish has entered the boat. To get a glimpse of the action missed while bass fishing, try using these ‘Old School’ topwater lures to bring explosive bass up out of the water.

Generally speaking, these top-water tactics are reserved for calm water conditions normally associated with early morning and evening fishing opportunities. However, if nothing else is working out of the tackle box, change things up and try fishing the water’s surface any time of day.

To begin, I recommend a Heddon Moss Boss lure. The design and purpose of this topwater lure allows the angler to cast into thick weeds with a minimal risk of snagging. This puts the lure into the realms of largemouth bass that are usually undisturbed by other anglers. Reel the lure erratically from weed patch to weed patch and pause randomly before continuing. Allow the moss boss to drop into weed pockets encountered along the way.

Expect weeds to fly.

The second topwater offering should be a standard issue in most tackle boxes – an Arbogast Jitterbug. This wobbling noise-maker will ignite the early evening, glassy calm on any lake or Toronto pond. Cast this lure just off weed beds or around shoreline structures. Reel and pause at random intervals and get ready to fight aggravated smallmouth and largemouth bass. Don’t under-estimate the effectiveness of casting close to docks and vertical logs.