In Ghost Buck country on a ridge, not far from a stand of tall pines, hides a stone throne. It is a high, rocky outcropping that overlooks these pines.

The Throne, is a particularly difficult watch to hunt on sun-filled days. When you reside in it (on a bright fall day) you may succumb to a sleepy fate. On one such sunny occasion, a medium sized buck decided to challenge my authority while strolling through the leafy kingdom below me.

I suppose he thought he might be able to slip by the sleeping monarch above.

He was almost right.

A couple of snapping twigs pulled me out of my slumber and I detected the visitor to my forested palace. Five thunderous blasts erupted across the land as I emptied my gun on startled deer. He expertly used the gads as shields and ran across the bottom of the ridge. I grumpily slipped off my throne and marched toward the gads where the buck had been dodging lead-laced fanfare.

There was no sign that I had hit my target anywhere.

 I started to get that feeling that supper back at camp was about to get interesting.

The Ghost Buck must have a new student…

I followed the tracks for about 200 yards with the same results. Disappointed, I headed back towards my patriarchal watch. That was when I saw a flash of the buck’s white tail not far from my rocky perch. It happened to quickly for a shot.

My gun remained silent.

An orange clad pawn walked slowly out of a woodland kingdom.

At least, he now had a supper time story.