A quick Guide…

1. Don’t use optics

I have been known to forget the investment on the top of my gun due to pure excitement.

2. Drop the tin of bb’s in your backpack on a rock

Guilty as noted.

3. Leave your gun at camp

A note to the younger hunters out there. When you are sitting in camp and the ‘old’ guys send you to pick up another hunter. Pack YOUR gun even if you think it will only take a minute…the rest of this story is another post.

4. Eat mom’s chili

This is ill-advised before you head out to your stand. Resist.

5. Concentrate on antler size

Those pre-shot antler point counts can cost you.

6. Tweet or text

I can not confirm, nor deny a text like “Something’s coming…” with devastating effect. .

7. Stay in your bunk

also known as a ‘Bunk Watch’. Old timers love ’em!

8. Hunt from a seated position

I should qualify this statement, “… with good backrest on a sunny day.”

9. Make “Sniper” your radio call sign.

Never fails.
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