Pike anglers assemble.

A pike tournament to support Huntsville Junior C Hawks will take place on June 15, 2019.

Details are listed below:

Pike Tournament Rules
90% payout, proceeds to Huntsville Junior C Hawks. Number of pay out finishing positions will be determined by the amount of registrants. Maximum 5, minimum 3.

  1. No alcohol or drug use during tournament hours.
  2. Any water accessible from Penn, Vernon and Fairy lake is open for fishing.
  3. This is a live release northern pike tournament. Minimum size is 20” tip to tip, to the closest ¼”. Pike must be at 1/8th mark to be scored up to the next ¼’’. Dead fish or fish in distress that are not reasonably expected to survive will be penalized 5” and not eligible for the Big Fish pool. 5 fish limit.
  4. Artificial tackle only.
  5. Your livewell must be functional and acceptable to tournament officials.
  6. Registration will start at 7:00 at Alberto’s Salon on the Muskoka River (between the swing bridge and Fairy Lake). Once your registration is complete boats can make their way to the river’s end and wait until fishing commences at 8am. You must be within eyesight of tournament officials by 3:30 PM at Alberto’s Salon – late arrival penalty will be 20”. (Mechanical failures will be subject to tournament official discretion).
  7. Entry fee is $200 per team CASH to be paid at registration Saturday morning. Optional separate big fish pool is $20 per team. Teams are to consist of 2 members per boat. Only one rod per angler is to be in use at any one time.
  8. All applicable laws are to be followed and you are participating in this event at your own risk.
  9. Scoring stations on Vernon and Penn will be open from approx. 10am until 2pm, and at Alberto’s Salon all day. Your scorecard must be presented to officials. DO not lose your scorecard. It’s a giant hassle.
  10. Ties will be decided by biggest fish. If a tie remains, the next biggest fish will be used. And so on. Big fish pool will be split in the event of a tie.

Good Luck!